About us

AUSWALD has confidently entered the thermowood market in 2020. The plant producing thermally modified pine meets all quality standards and a high level of production control. The plant has its own sawmill, which allows you to improve and control the quality of the initial raw materials.

AUSWALD cooperates with both private customers and commercial organizations. The clients of the company are construction companies, suburban spas and bath complexes, recreation centers. The possibilities of using thermally modified pine are endless - from a private house to the airport and the improvement of large urban areas. AUSWALD manufactures and markets a wide range of thermally modified pine materials with a wide range of applications.


The facade of a house, a building is exactly the part that first of all catches the eye of your guests, visitors and bystanders. The first impression depends on how the house looks from the outside. The facade shows the status, material well-being and taste of the owner of the building. The facade has functional tasks. The design of the exterior of the house should not only be in harmony with the landscape and the interior, but also protect the walls from external influences. And here the AUSWALD facade rail has a great advantage over other materials: it is resistant to moisture, the absence of fungi and insects. Heat-treated pine is a material that does not rot.


The terrace is a special place of rest and relaxation, whether it is a country house or a recreation center. Terrace board AUSWALD from thermally modified pine allows you to create a unique recreation area, combining the European quality and durability of the material. In addition, the heat-treated pine deck has a warm hue, and the pine tree rings give the material a distinctive pattern to add aesthetics to your project.


The AUSWALD plant produces brushed paneling for baths and saunas. During production, wood undergoes a series of modifications, as a result of which pine becomes as strong as stone, the movement of resins stops, since heat treatment implies evaporation of moisture from the wood, while maintaining the flexibility and ductility of traditional wood during installation.