The AUSWALD plant is located in the Sverdlovsk region, in the city of Nizhny Sergi. The technology for the production of thermowood came to us from our European colleagues, but we have improved this technology and brought out a completely new approach to the restoration of knots.

The wood heat treatment plant has the latest equipment, its own sawmill and a highly professional team, which allows us to bring to the market better, improved and durable materials for construction and finishing works. Each stage of work is organized in strict accordance with the technical requirements.

The assortment of the company is wide enough: decking, facade slats, lining, brushed lining for baths and saunas.

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In the course of thermal modification, pine gains geometric stability, the color acquires a noble shade and an enhanced shine of the material. Thermally modified pine is an eco-friendly material, health safety and external aesthetics.

The main purpose of heat treatment is to improve the physical properties of wood through exposure to high temperatures.

Processing allows:

- to improve the quality and service life of wood.

- exclude moisture absorption;

- exclude decay processes;

- eliminate the likelihood of the appearance of fungi, mold and insects.

Pine goes through a step-by-step processing process: stepwise heating, drying, slow and fast exposure to high temperatures. This allows you to significantly improve the initial construction qualities of wood.


The pine tree has an original stem pattern. As a result of processing, the outlines of knots and annual rings are clearly visible on the canvas. The wood panel acquires a stylish pattern and a perfectly sanded surface. High strength and characteristic appearance makes it possible to use lumber for construction, interior and exterior decoration. Long-lasting pine retains its beautiful texture and brown color, keeps its stable shape for decades, even outdoors.

As a result of heat treatment, pine acquires high strength. Increases resistance to temperature changes and weather conditions, high resistance to moisture, which allows the use of wood in the decoration of the bathroom, being absolutely sure that the wood will not crack, will not start to rot and will not deform.

The surface of thermally modified pine during processing becomes dense and non-porous, which significantly reduces the level of moisture absorption - up to 90%.

Also, as a result of processing, the material acquires a pleasant light brown tint. Moreover, the shade changes not only on the surface, the color changes throughout the entire thickness of the material.

This is a high-quality material for the construction and decoration of any kind of structures: from summer cottages, cottages, private houses to large commercial facilities. Thermally modified pine board is great for balconies and pool floors.

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